Posted by on January 3, 2017

  1. Delete old and ordinary photos

Like every new year cupboard clean, your Instagram account may have a few images that need to be thrown out. It is always a good idea to take stock of your overall feed and clean out the old not so successful images and keep the ones that say we are ready and know what we are doing for the New Year!  There is always one old dog photo I find myself having trouble letting go of on my own account but it needs to be done!

  1. Tidy up your account settings to link with other social feeds

Have you added a web page link to your profile?

Can you link your Facebook page to your Instagram page?

Is your description enough to capture the imagination and describe what you are about?

  1. What does the overall look of your feed say about you?

A feed is a bit of a trail of breadcrumbs to a big picture how you build your breadcrumbs, depends on your tribe and your market.

Some of the most captivating Instagram feeds have a theme and an overall strategic visual look.

Go see the following which are just two examples where their feed becomes a visual work of art.

One thing to consider in creating and designing a feed is to be clear on your market as well. I also follow a yoga teacher who has an amazing 2 million followers and her feed is just her and her life without these design features.

Check out @yoga_girl who doesn’t have a theme but has a story… her feed is her story and it’s a pretty sweet one as she just had a baby.

These feeds have an overall look that tells you about their style, their products or brand and most importantly their stories.

  1. Going viral is rare but clever hashtags can make you a few new friends.

Over the summer break, I have been experimenting with random hashtags to see who responds and likes my page. The results speak for themselves I have managed to almost double my followers in a few weeks. However, a caveat for that is to consider is how relevant are my followers. I think the duck people in Denmark were nice to like one of my pictures but I am not sure I will be going to Denmark soon to develop business.

  1. Are your photos small square ready?

If you love taking photos that have a lot of detail consider whether the detail is getting lost in the image. The devil really can be in the detail in a small Instagram photo. I had a friend who loved taking photos of fabric patterns and prints that sadly looked like a blur on my phone. If you can’t see quickly what you are trying to show then perhaps even the most stunning photo can fail the Instagram test.


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