I create WordPress websites such as the one you are on now, write inspiring copy, manage social media marketing, adwords campaigns and even give you the appropriate analytics information so you can see what works and what doesn’t.

Packages I know the angst of ongoing accounts, with monthly charges that don’t always seem to show a return on your investment. I can offer fixed price packages for services which can simplify your spending which can then be self-managed, or if you are too busy I can run your accounts for you with carefully curated and written content.

How do I do what I do?

When I meet you as a new client either by phone or in person I am interested to know what your goals are, what you want to achieve and what sort of expectations you have around Social Media and Digital Marketing.

I investigate what you want to achieve and don’t quote jargonistic sales driven information. Do you want to get more people to sign up to your email? Do you want to have more sales come into your business? Do you want to set up an online business?

I can help with all of these things and more; I offer common sense strategies that have been proven to work.

I research an appropriate package and develop some guidelines for future investigations and most importantly put together a Digital Marketing plan that fits in with your lifestyle and business.

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Web Content and Copywriting

Never boring, I convey simple copy that attracts traffic to your website and keeps the reader on the page till the very end.


Newsletter production and mail outs using conventional formats or web-based formats such a Mailchimp are a simple solution that can free up so much of your time. If a newsletter or email seems time-consuming, fiddly or frustrating I can help. Let me take the frustration out of this essential communication tool.

Social Media

Are you letting your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram accounts gather dust with sporadic posts which aren’t getting the responses you would like?  I can turn this around. My recent Twitter and Instagram growth hacks have doubled my own followers in a matter of weeks.

Follow me here to see what I am doing in social media


I am available to consult and help develop a social media presence that will inspire confidence and engage your audience.

Social Media does not need to be the time-consuming worm hole it may seem to be, some of it can be quick, easy and effective with the right mix of channels and campaign management. Some campaigns may benefit from advertising which I can also set up and manage depending on specific business objectives.

Google Adwords campaigns

SEO in a competitive market can be difficult to acheive optimum results. It is often the long game as a good SEO strategy takes time to see results. Adwords campaigns and other sales strategies can be used to be more effective with more immediate results for your marketing campaigns.

Small Business Development.

My passion is to help your small business grow and thrive. If you have a good idea I can help you with the tools that will help you thrive.

As a small business you are setting up because of your passion and training, thinking like a big business doesn’t have to be the daunting exercise that you imagine but it can give you more positive results, and I can help you get there with my corporate and small business background.


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