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I mentioned to a friend that was posting repeatedly about how offensive Trump was in the primary campaigns before he became the Republican nominee for the recent US Elections, that he was trending and her wave of posts was contributing to that because when something starts to trend it simply refers to the amount of people mentioning something. If you look at the type of articles that trend they could be saying positive, negative or something else ideas.

There has been debate amongst more scholarly people than I, on the new media and social media  or whether social media and the mainstream media, in fact, fuelled the Trump fire. Certainly, when you look at Facebook’s trending page you can see a possible link and as Facebook algorithms are a recipe kept very close to the heart of the inner Facebook circle, we can’t really say for sure. But like any chicken and egg question of which came first did the ideas come first or the discussion about the ideas in the media, there are debates on both sides.

This article here argues that the ideas that social media have illuminated have always been there in the not so United States, and perhaps that is the thing to take away from this social media post-apocalyptic nightmare (for some).

Populism is by its nature a way of fueling popular thought. Which is interesting. An old Yoga teacher friend of mine once said to paraphrase “what you shed light on grows”. Perhaps what social media has done is to illuminate what people are already thinking and this sadly has brought forward the governments we have.

So can we the hive mind of the latte sipping, garden growing generations of meditators, agitators, and armchair critics focus on a more positive way of being? Do we just go back to our self-inquiry practices and our farmers markets and hope that it all goes away or do we start to focus on how we can create the world we dream of. Of course, a lot of people are already doing that but can we use Social Media to continue this discourse but also to reinforce championing ideas and positive visions for change?

I always felt that the Right of politics was labeled reactionary for a reason. When I was taught politics at school (which was a long time ago) we talked about a scale of reaction to anarchy in political thought. The Right resists change, preferring to maintain the infrastructure that suits them well. It is not open, it doesn’t want to allow new thoughts and new ways of being. The Right reacts and we react to the Right.

So reaching out to my tribe as a digital marketer I can see that social media can be a nightmare but it can also be an opportunity to change. Can we focus on what is positive and what can bring about the change we would like to see in the world? What this darkness can offer is an opportunity to focus on the positive. What we give energy to grows. So perhaps it’s time to stop reacting to the negative but start engagement with the positive and start a discussion with those in our wider circle about what we need to grow and change to make the world. And most of all maybe it’s time to not recoil at someone’s offensive comments or ‘call it out’ or react but maybe we need to ask them and ourselves why they think the way they do.

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