“Louise’s professional expertise really gave my bio the boost that it needed and reflected my teaching style well, I am very grateful to have her input as it can always be a challenge to write about yourself on a business level.”

Gemma Wilson, Yoga Teacher

The great news about having “Sensible” Louise create my website and hold my ICT hand to finally get my Twitter account launched to promote my comedic alter-ego ITopTrump@henryshires is that she is, like it says on her marketing “packet”, eminently sensible. And practical. If she knows something pertinent she will point it out immediately. And if she doesn’t know about something, she won’t pretend to. But will go and research it and come back an expert. And always within 24 hours. And as a Digital Marketing Guru she lives the talk, by, it would seem, spending the majority of her leisure, if not waking, hours keeping up with the latest news and micro trends on SM.”
Henry Shires
The Absurdist’s Absurdist: Slinging mud at the Twitter Wall since Jan 2017
Twitter: ITopTrump@henryshires

Louise was a great help when I wanted to move my website to WordPress and give it a complete overhaul. She handled the whole thing in a timely manner and with professionalism. She also did various updates over a 12 month period (until I sold the business) saving me from having to figure it out. It is always a relief to find someone who won’t try and rip you off and you can trust to handle these sorts of things when you are busy!


Waverley Yoga Studio


“I heard about Louise from a colleague of mine because she was recommended. Louise created my website and I am very happy with the results.  Her work is sharp and polished and the website looks amazing.

Louise was reliable, responsible and always willing to help if ever needed.  I find her to be pleasant, kind and honest.  I would no doubt get her to do more work for me as I appreciate her willingness to do whatever was necessary if asked.”


Inanna Yoga Studio


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