“Louise’s professional expertise really gave my bio the boost that it needed and reflected my teaching style well, I am very grateful to have her input as it can always be a challenge to write about yourself on a business level.”

Gemma Wilson

Yoga Teacher – Little Wings Yoga

I just wanted to say great job Louise on getting our website to come up second on the list when I do a web search for yoga in Brighton.  I had a new client tonight who had done just that, and another enquiry this afternoon, who is thinking of coming on Monday eve or Thursday eve with two other friends.  I think this is a huge win.  Thanks Louise.

Caroline Blackshaw Yoga Hut Brighton 2015

“Louise is gift to anyone who has ever had their IT person take days, weeks or months to respond to a question.. She is very responsive to questions and also very generous with  her time in explaining how things work.  Louise also has a very good creative eye and I would highly recommend her to anyone! “  Gena Kenny , Ohana Yoga

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