Posted by on May 27, 2014

When I first read this statement in the book “The Savvy Guide to making more money” by Susan Hayes,  it struck me that in my 20 odd years working I didn’t see the value of myself as a product yet I can do so many things and sometimes as a Product I don’t fit in some organisations in others I am a perfect melding of energy and imagination.

This is not to say that you are so many more things than a product it just means that if we start to value all that we can do and offer we may be able to map out a self contained micro business resource that is ourselves and what we do and find jobs that recognize our strengths rather than just use us to fill a gap.

This blog explores marketing, planning, resource management evaluation and business development of the you that wants to find a way to make it in the world without relying on others to keep you managed and motivated.

The question is as I write this I am my biggest experiment. I have done many roles but I also want to try so many more things so I am exploring as I go and learning and want to share this process with you.


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